Presidential Election in Kazakhstan: insight review

On June 9 in one of the most important countries of Eurasia – Kazakhstan, for a year before the due time, there will take place early elections of the president. In March this year Nursultan Nazarbayev who directed the country from the moment of independence in 1991, declared in the address to citizens about his resignation. This news had effect of the exploded political “bomb” and shook not only Kazakhstan, but also caused some concern in Beijing and in Moscow, in Washington and Brussels. News about the decision of the Kazakhstan leader was not disregarded by any largest edition in the world. Also it is only possible to guess how many experts in the different world capitals try to foresee now who will lead the country after Nazarbayev’s leaving, what course will be followed by the state. Because of the geographical location and huge reserves of oil, gas and uranium Kazakhstan is an extremely important political and economic player on the world scene.

So, there are few days to day “X”. Political parties and public associations still conduct a propaganda campaign in favor of the candidates for President. There are seven people in the list applying for the main post. Among them, for the first time in the history of independent Kazakhstan, there is a name of the only candidate female –Daniya Espayeva representing Ak Zhol party. Other six are male representing public associations and political parties – from communistic to ruling.

The candidacy of Sadybek Tugel is proposed by public association “Uly dala qyrandary”.The Auyl party is represented by Toleutay Rakhimbekov. Jambyl Akhmetbekov speaks on behalf of the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan. Amirzhan Kosanov stands from the united national patriotic movement “Ult taqdyry”. A candidate of Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan is Amangeldy Taspikhov. And, at last, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev will take part in presidential elections from ruling party Nur Otan.

Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, being the head of the upper house of Parliament at the time of resignation of the Kazakhstan leader, led the country during a transition period, according to the Constitution of Kazakhstan. By the way, the politician decided not to stop presidential powers for propaganda. According to the experts, Tokayev is the undoubted leader of this political race. His course maintains most of citizens of the country. Very few people express doubts concerning his victory at the coming elections both in the country, and beyond its limits.

Despite a powerful political background and recognition, Tokayev, according to experts, is not included into any Kazakhstan elite group. Political scientists consider it is great advantage for the politician in Kazakhstan because this fact significantly broadens the field for maneuvers in fight against corruption. Many experts consider him the politician of the European level to whom listen in the West. The authority acquired during service in Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan and in the international organizations works for him and outside the country.

When it comes about Tokayev, many note certain predictability in foreign policy of Kazakhstan, commitment to the former principles of forming of the friendly relations with all political players. Not for nothing the main task the current president of the republic sees is “continuity, justice and advance”.

By the way, about continuity of the course of the first president, commitment to which Tokayev repeatedly voiced. It concerns not only domestic policy: observance of all social obligations, following to the large-scale national strategy developed by Nazarbayev. The continuity, certainly, will be observed also in foreign policy. It is enough to remember that Tokayev was also just that performer of the main foreign policy objectives of the young state. 

Kazakhstan under the leadership of Nazarbayev adhered to the friendly and balanced approach to all world centers of force. The authorities of the republic never tried to counteract any country, and sought to benefit, and not only economic, from friendship with them.

Many years this country conducts the constructive foreign policy directed to decrease tension in the world, actively takes the peacekeeping initiative. Kazakhstan also supported creation of the Global anti-terrorist coalition, became the supporter of peaceful solution of questions on the Iranian nuclear perspective. Efforts on solution of military-political crisis in Syria were marked by the Astana process, already known in the international community, supplementing negotiations in Geneva. Here both the long-term help to Afghanistan, and peacekeeping efforts between Turkey and Russia, initiatives of settlement of the Korean problem, and of Ukraine. It is also necessary to note and commitment of Kazakhstan to efforts on fight against terrorism, assistance to persons in need and continuation of carrying out humanitarian operations on return of the citizens from Syria.

In addition, Kazakhstan is first and the only country from Central Asia which sent peacekeepers as a part of 120 servicemen to Lebanon. The peacekeeping mission of Kazakhstan is carried out also in Western Sahara. Earlier Kazakhstan military personnel as a part of the international peacekeeping forces assisted in stabilization of the situation in Iraq. And we hope that this impulse will remain. It meets our common interests.

Summing up, it is possible to tell safely that the Tokayev’s authority and experience are capable to provide stability and development as within the country, and in external relations. I will add that not the last place in Tokayev’s political background is taken from his work as the head of the government. During this period the serious economic crisis which managed to be overcome without special losses stormed in the country. In this regard, Tokayev has an enormous experience of effective management which he will be able to apply – to direct the country and to advance new initiatives and the ideas for further development of Kazakhstan that will affect also development of the region in general.