Kazakhstan will keep its investment attractiveness» Interview with the deputy of Parliament of Georgia David Chichinadze

Kazakhstan continues to rivet attention of world community. The future of the center of Asia, including the Caspian region depends on the development of this richest Central Asian state. After the voluntary retirement of the President Nazarbayev in the country, contrary to expectations, new elections – free and democratic, will take place very soon – on June 9. In this regard correspondents of the Georgian news agency “GRUZINFORM” asked questions to the deputy of Parliament of Georgia David Chichinadze who lived and worked in Kazakhstan and knows well this country.

Your course of life at a certain stage was connected with the country under the name Kazakhstan. What were you engaged in this country and what impressions remained from stay on the Kazakhstan land?

– For the first time I got to Kazakhstan on a football match in 1978. For the first time I was a passenger of the plane. Almaty made very pleasant impression on me, as well as I was very impressed with a sports complex Medeo. It is the biggest in the world a mountain complex for winter sports with the biggest area of an artificial ice field — 10.5 thousand sq.m. In 2010 the complex was reconstructed.

At the beginning of 1980 I visited Jezkazgan and Shimkent. Especially I liked Shimkent and in 1987 I returned from Tbilisi and lived the whole 6 years there. My daughter was born there. At that time the cooperative movement arose and I was engaged in business. Among local population I had the kindest friends, in Kazakhstan there are a lot of friends of mine, we are on friendly terms families, and sometimes we visit each other.

-Is it easy or difficult to do business with partners in Kazakhstan and are there any features which should be considered?

– Shimkent is a very Kazakh city despite the international structure of its population. It is a dynamic city. All of us tried to live in peace and friendship and to be together. During that time there were no many entertainments so generally we gathered in restaurants. I will note with all responsibility that nobody paid attention to national origin, Kazakhs are very tolerant people. All of us lived as brothers, helped each other. And in business the trust factor is very important. So, I will tell you – Kazakhs always considered a duty, to keep this promise and lived by this principle.

– How do you estimate dynamics of trade and economic relations between Georgia and Kazakhstan? What should be improved?

– I think that the bilateral relations between Georgia and Kazakhstan will develop very positively. Because of Saakashvili’s regime, and the new authorities there were sometimes controversial issues of economic character, but, thank God, friendship of our people and mutual understanding between our societies are so strong that our friendship with Kazakhstan was never called into question, there were no political problems.

A big merit was done by Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. After so-called “Rose Revolution” Nazarbayev was the first leader of such size who came to Georgia which needed and received investments unprecedented investments for those times… Nazarbayev told that the Kazakh business will invest 500 million dollars to Georgia. Among the Kazakh investments the gas-distributing company KazTransGas, the Batumi port, Halyk Bank Georgia bank, Radisson hotel, Rompetrol oil company are registered. Then investments reached 800 million US dollars or even one billion. It should be noted and estimated especially that from these investments Kazakhstan not always waited financial gain.

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Georgia works very well and is an example of goodwill and competence. It proves that Kazakhstan is still interested in Georgia as the partner.

– Your perception of the international status of Kazakhstan: what is the political influence of Kazakhstan in the region and the world taking into account its peacekeeping activity?

– Peacemaking of Kazakhstan – the special subject deserving respect of the international community. Kazakhstan the active participant of many peacekeeping missions and partners with great respect speak a contribution of this state to providing the world and fight against the international terrorism.

In 2006 the Kazakhstan peacekeeping crew of “Kazbrig” was created. Later the detached summary rifle battalion was created. During the existence the Kazakhstan peacekeeping forces participated in several missions in Tajikistan and Iraq. In them died 72 Kazakhstan peacekeeper, a part of which is considered missing persons.

The Astana platform across Syria – a positive surprise, unexpected for many, is real results in permission of the most difficult crisis.

– What experience can be taken from Kazakhstan for improvement in this or that sphere of life of Georgia?

– We, first, have to think why our great tsar David Stroitel approached and became related with kipchaka. Why he invited them to protection of Georgia, having created regular army. I.e. already then there was a certain chain of the relations. I think that Kazakhs among those people which are allocated with good discipline and working capacity. It is success basis.

As for bilateral cooperation, Kazakhstan the richest with natural resources the country, we have an association with the EU, it is possible to create taking into account it the joint venture and to cooperate on a mutually advantageous basis.

– Your opinion on change of the power and holding early elections in Kazakhstan? Whether Kazakhstan will keep the investment attractiveness on this background?

– Nazarbayev – the whole era, is the living legendary personality and God grant to him as early as long years of life. As he promised, he will serve up to the end the people and the state for which made very much and did not spare the health.

I think that processes will take place in the democratic course and Kazakhstan will take a huge step towards formation of modern political system. Each transfer of power is democratic process if this is not about seizure of power. Everywhere there are the specifics.

I watch policy of the leader of the nation Nazarbayev from 1989th year, still then he was allocated against the background of other strong business executives and managers. He is the master of balance, it is relevant also on the international scene, and in the Kazakh society. I, and not only I, consider him the politician of level Deng of Xiaoping.

The voluntary retirement of Nazarbayev provides continuity of the power, first of all. This most important for maintaining stability which is very necessary for that region. Because we know that nearby there is very restless zone where many years there is fighting, and there is a danger that problems can be thrown on the Central Asian region. There, I think, the main responsibility for stability and development lies on Kazakhstan. The policy of continuity, as it was in China in due time, will provide stability and development of both Kazakhstan, and all region.

Economic development of Kazakhstan impresses. Level of economic growth can be compared to the most successful countries of the world. Having provided sustainable economic development, the country is able to afford to be reoriented on implementation of social projects, and even resignation of the President will not affect excellent investment climate in this country.

To do business in Kazakhstan does not contain special risks as the country proved the stability. Moreover, as Kazakhstan attracts labor from neighboring countries, it thus there too creates stability and tranquility. Transit of the power takes place democratically, within absolutely free elective process and in absolutely quiet political atmosphere. It is sure that future president will have strong national support.