Erlan Abdyldayev “The status — Great!”

The person of any country abroad is its official representative, diplomat. Upholding the interests of the state and also advancing its image on the international scene lies down on their shoulders.

Tireless activity of the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry is directed not to promotion of positions of the state, but to discredit the image of Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes there is a feeling that ambassadors of the country are purposefully appointed people who cause disappointment in diplomats of other countries.

Well, tell how Washington can respect the country if the only dignity of the ambassador is knowledge of English. What for has the former press secretary of the former president Atambayev Kadyr Toktogulov was appointed the ambassador of Kyrgyzstan in Washington and Ottawa? In 2015 the Evening Bishkek newspaper wrote that the atambayev press secretary Toktogulov completed the emergency courses in diplomatic academy and in only one week became the diplomat (Nonsense!). But before it he worked hard for the European and American media which look at our country as “the banana republic”.

It is quite reasonable to think that in the MFA they understood that such ambassador will hardly adequately represent Kyrgyzstan. And can they specially appoint this youth to dishonor the country? Otherwise how to explain that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Erlan Abdyldayev has closed eyes to photos of the ambassador in social networks where he appeared in an image of the drunk gay. And the fact that for years of diplomatic career of the ex-press secretary the stream of investments into economy of Kyrgyzstan from the USA and Canada was reduced many times. In 2016 118 million US dollars has come to economy of KR from Canada, and only 4, 5 million in 2017. The USA invested only 12 million US dollars into our economy for more than two years! At the same time the foreign companies brought 183 million US dollars out of our country for the same period!

And it besides that Kyrgyzstan is in a common ground of geopolitical and economic interests of the different countries. And it means that all interested countries have to compete for “attention” of Bishkek. And they only laugh at us.

As, for example, the foreign diplomatic corps accredited in Russia.

The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation starves! Bishkek can’t provide representatives of the country in Moscow even with office supplies. And representatives of Embassy are forced to beg from Honorary consuls of Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation (and, as we know, they are foreign, that is Russian citizens) money for purchase of handles and paper for the printer, and the printer itself.

But in another embassy – Kyrgyzstan in South Korea – money flows like water but not for diplomatic work at all. The ambassador in Korea serves as a guide to numerous friends and relatives of the current head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan Erlan Abdyldayev.

According to sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all activity (as well as the budget) embassies in Korea isn’t aimed at a lobby of investment attractiveness of Kyrgyzstan in business community of Seoul, and on ensuring interests of the guests coming from the homeland.

And it is necessary to remember the scandal with the vice-Minister of labor and social development Zuurakan Kadenova onboard the Kazakh airline Air Astana. The crew has been forced to land the Kyrgyz politician from the plane taking flight Seoul-Almaty for a drunken uproar. It is good that this story of an arrival of Kadenova hasn’t got into the press of Korea. As witnesses described, the vice-minister was taken out from the plane in an indecent look: all her clothes were in traces of a drunken party onboard.

At the same time Erlan Abdyldayev gave the accurate instruction to the subordinates to hush up this business and not because the Kyrgyz official dishonored the country. Kadenova is the old mistress of Erlan Bekeshovich, and he is ready to cover her with all available administrative resources.

By the way, in Korea from time to time the sobering vice-minister wasn’t engaged in public affairs at all, and became impudent from permissiveness.

From different high stands we can repeatedly shout what favorable economic, and political positions we possess, however the fact of ignoring of our opportunities by foreign partners is available.

The reason for that is extremely nonprofessional activity of our Foreign Ministry which not just differs in full passivity regarding advance of interests of Kyrgyzstan on the external arena and is aimed at discredit of Kyrgyzstan on the world scene.

What is the reason of so unpatriotic relation of the MFA to own state?

Everything is simple. Mister Erlan Abdyldayev “revenges” Kyrgyzstan for policy of the new president. He who has got used to revelry of lawlessness and a bribe of the numerous “businessmen” wishing to be enriched on richness of our homeland, doesn’t agree with new policy of reduction of the investment field of the country to the lawful course.

This official, contrary to all diplomatic norms, following the example of the former chief Almazbek Atambayev, got used to talk to other states in rudeness language.

During the management of the ministry by Abdyldayev, Bishkek quarreled with a number of the countries which historically were our good friends. For example, with Turkey when the Foreign Minister gave the answer to the matter of “Gülen’s gang” not diplomatically. As a result streams of direct Turkish investments in the Kyrgyz economy have failed for 50 percent (from 33 to 17 million US dollars).

China which is ready to pour into economy of the nearby countries in billions of dollars for realization of the policy “One belt – one way” allocates to Kyrgyzstan only 600 million yuans for reconstruction of roads (for comparison, Beijing has allocated more than 8 billion yuans to some of our neighbors for the same purposes). That is ambassadors of these countries have managed to agree with Beijing about financing of their projects, and the Kyrgyz ambassador, the friend of the minister and the brother of the ex-mayor of Bishkek, just does nothing in Celestial Empire.

Until recently foreign policy vector in the country was defined not by reasonable logic of interests of the state, but the personal interests of one person – Almazbek Atambayev. He and his suite put in ambassadorial chairs people by the principle of fidelity to “first” and also ability to render tribute for this post. At the same time, existence of diplomatic abilities of a role wasn’t played. And the minister Abdyldayev was always the right hand of Atambayev in this question.

He gave instructions to the new appointed representatives of a diplomatic corps what to do, whom and how to speak. And he, actually, bears responsibility for failures of all work on advance of image and the interests of Kyrgyzstan on the international scene.

However, he is only a performer of will of the chief. It is regrettable that the ex-president remains the chief for him.

Perhaps it is already time for Sooronbayu Zheenbekov to change in a root the system of the MFA? So that Kyrgyzstan ceased to be called “toothless» and nobody will walk over it.